Recipient of the 2018 Ohio State University Graduate Associate Teaching Award

“She made the class environment very relaxed and conducive to learning the material. I very much looked forward to going to Anna's class because of the discussions we had and the knowledge it gave me. She also created assignments that portrayed the topic exactly and required a lot of real world application which is the best way to learn.”

“Anna was able to make me want to go to class! She is passionate in what she does and it shows. She gave real life examples that helped me understand and connect material from various chapters.”


2016 - 2019

The Ohio Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, The Ohio State University 

This 3-week bridge program focused on providing minority students in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math with the skills necessary to begin college. In 2016, I developed this mini-course based on self-regulated learning and motivational theories. As the independent instructor, my responsibilities included planning and implementing approximately 15 class sessions each summer for groups of about 20 in-coming students.


The Ohio Louis Stokes Alliance for Minority Participation

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion,The Ohio State University 

I co-created a peer mentoring Massive Open Online Course that provides students with the skills to mentor incoming STEM students. More specifically, I developed content and assignments focused on the academic transition and social college transition and how the characteristics of incoming college students might influence these transitions.

INDEPENDENT INSTRUCTOR - ESEPSY 1259 Learning and Motivation

2015 - 2018

This learning to learn course focused on providing students with content knowledge related to self-regulated learning and motivation. Additionally, the assignments instructed students to apply content knowledge to their other classes. As the independent instructor of this course, my responsibilities included planning and implementing class sessions, creating course assignments, and grading class assignments. I taught both online and face-to-face sections.

The Dennis Learning Center, The Ohio State University 

TEACHING ASSISTANT - HUM 1920 Freshman Interest Group


Division of Undergraduate Studies, Florida State University     

I taught a weekly class of 20 undergraduate students. This class was focused on engaging incoming freshmen in the academic culture of Florida State University while encouraging students to reflect on their academic interests and how these interests can be developed within the scholarly community. I created and implemented a lesson plan for each week. Additionally, I evaluated students’ performance and managed the learning management system associated with the course.

  • Lecture focused on motivation and self-regulated learning in UC 100: Success Strategies, Capital University, 11/7/2019

  • Lecture focused on schools as a context for development in ESEPSY5401: Adolescent Learning and Development in School Contexts, The Ohio State University, 10/15/2019